Thursday, December 28, 2006

Griffin's First Christmas!!!!

So, as you can see from the pictures, Griffin had lots and lots of fun in Dallas for Christmas! We got to meet lots of my good friends and he was able to meet his little cousin , Zachary.
Griffin even ate at our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Pappasitos. He got lots of nice gifts for christmas and he had so much fun with all of his family!
At the end of January, me, Griffin and Bentley are planning on making a trip to Florida for a few weeks to get away from this cold weather :) Well, we hope you enjoy the pics of him and I'm sure I will be updating with a new post shortly.
Until next time.......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dallas Trip

Hello all! So tomorrow we leave for DFW for one week so I will be out of service until we get back from our trip. I promise once I get back to update a new post with lots of pics from our visit. Until then, I hope this pic of Griffin can get you through your day :0) And for those of you that don't already know, yes that is a helmet on Griffin's head that he has to wear for 2 months b/c he has a flat spot, but he looks so damn cute in it!

Until next time...........

Friday, December 15, 2006

California Dreamin.......

Okay, so we are back from our trip to Cali, and boy was it fun. It took us 6 hours to get there and let me mention that the meatball slept maybe 40 minutes total but he never cried- that's my boy!!! While we were there Griffin got to meet all his family and friends. He went to San Diego, Whittier, The OC and all the way up to Ventura and sat in 3 hours traffic to get there- but it was worth it! He went shopping at South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island and Balboa Island and he brought back lots of goodies! This kid was great to travel with and he is officially my favorite travel accessory.

For those of you in CA, I am so glad you were able to see him. Nicole and Heather, you are like sisters to me and I am so glad you got to meet him! Natalie, I am soo sooo glad that we were able to get our little babies together b/c I know that one day they will be great friends- Cozumel here we come!

Anyway, we had a blast and I am so glad me and my mom took him out there to meet the family. By the way, I should mentionthat I have the best mom b/c on the way back home to Boston the Meatball fell asleep on her the entire plane ride back :)

So, now that you all have met the meatball we hope you will make a trip to beantown sometime to come and see him :)

Until next time...............

Monday, December 04, 2006

Going to California!!!!

Okay so don't be jealous but I'm getting out of this 30 degree weather and going to Southern California.... OC here I come!!!! Me and my mom are taking the meatball for a week to see friends and family, so I will be MIA for about one week thenI will be back to blogging again. Once I get back I will let you all know all about our trip and I will send pictures out as well. For those of you in Cali that I am going to see... I CAN'T WAIT! Let's just hope the meatball will be okay on the 6 hour flight, good thing i'm bringing my momma for help :)

Until next time..........

Friday, December 01, 2006

Griffin Update

Okay, so I have to make this quick b/c I need to go feed the meatball, who by the way loves to eat baby food- especially prunes...He is his father's son for sure.

Anyway, earlier I had him upstairs in his room on his tummy and I was downstairs in front of the computer- of course, and he started to cry about 10 minutes after I had last seen him. So I went up and he had moved from near his crib to just outside his door, so he moved several feet. How- I have no idea. So of course I tried to get him to crawl in front of me- no such luck. But he moved and hopefully soon he will be on the go. I will write more later and hopefully this weekend i will download some new pics, and for those of you in Cali I will see you next week!!!!!

Until next time.......